August 19, 2012

An Health Services provider is considering opening up an NEID Center to serve people with CFS, FM and Lyme disease

A Southeastern Health Services Provider may open an NEID Center to serve people with ME/CFS, FM and Lyme Disease. They request CFS patients in the US fill out a survey to determine if the center is financially viable.

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Peg Fiels September 12, 2012 at 2:58 pm

Please open this up to as many people will hear! I like so many other ME/CFS patients have tried desperately to address the causes of this debilitating problem! I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia/CFS and I know that this was not the best diagnosis! People are now getting more understanding and the treatment is starting to take hold…..there is no one treatment for this complex dis-ease. I was legally blind and could not walk and the medical community failed me. We took every test, did every modality, and then I started doing my own research and looking into different types of treatment. I can say I now have my vision back. I am walking again ,but still have incredible setbacks and end up in bed again…for days!!! This is so frustrating. I cant plan anything with comfort because of not knowing when a setback will hit or something will flair. There has absolutely got to be more research on this endeavor. I really think that with enough input of ME/CFS people, it could be wiped out and a cure and method be put into place to help people early on and not to be so vague about its true sources and antidotes to heal …we need support !!!! I will help in any way I can. Please consider all forms of treatment that have been tried and tested whether orthodox or not. It is a very complex state to be in and takes more than just pain relievers to fix this epidemic. Its been 12 years for me and I lost everything – 2 businesses , my health and some of my family members. Please please dont stop until its accomplished. Thanks you Peg Fields


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