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April 2009

Posted by Cort Johnson

The 10 year review of the CDC’s CFS Research program is winding up. They’ve taken an internal look  and an external look at the program and an un-solicited outside look .  They liked the external look – it glossed over many of the more substantial problems with the program – and were likely horrified at the ‘outside look’  they got from a very angry CFID’s Association of America.

Now they want your opinion. Not very badly that’s for sure; they announced the meeting for the outside community to chime in  not long before it was to take place (April 27th).… Read More


Posted by Cort Johnson

petersonwhittemoreMost Remarkable Achievement (of the Decade)
– As funding at the NIH and CDC plummets a major research/treatment center, the Whittemore-Peterson Neuro-Immune Institute – begins to rise out of the deserts of Nevada just over the hill from Incline Village. The WPI is a testament to the tenacious commitment of three people; Annette and Harvey Whittemore and Dr. Dan Peterson.

mcclearywebMost Dramatic Moment: Kim McCleary of the CFIDS Association of America stands up in a federal advisory committee meeting (CFSAC) and rakes the CDC’s CFS research program over the coals for mismanagement, for squandering funds and poor productivity.… Read More