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November 2009

“I Almost Stole Today”

Posted by Cort Johnson

This blog from someone in the Phoenix Rising Forums illustrates some of the decisions that confront people who have the misfortune to be both unhealthy and poor. What does one do, for instance,  when one only has a few dollars left at the end of the month for some stew and an onion costs 75 cents.  Shouldn’t everyone be able to have a simple onion with their bean stew? How easy it would be just to pocket it….

I contemplated two acts today which may have been either/or unethical and illegal – I’m not sure. Well, actually, I’m sure they were illegal.… Read More

XMRV in the Spotlight

Posted by Cort Johnson

XMRV was next up at the mike at the CFSAC meeting. First Dr. Peterson went over the published research one more time.  Hearing it again simply reinforced what an extraordinary discovery XMRV may be. His presentation was, in some ways, though, really just a prelude to Dr. Coffin’s  presentation. The co-author of the major text in the field, Dr. Coffin represents the upper tier of  world class researchers that we’ve been wanting to attract for so many years. He was basically our toughest test case; if he was excited about this virus then everyone in his field is.… Read More


Posted by Cort Johnson

The CDC Problem – The CDC attempted to explain away the patients explosion of frustration at their Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) program as the result of a well organized  plot by the CFID’s Association of America.  They haven’t yet come up with a good explanation for the avalanche of criticism visited upon them by the professional community.  Instead of responding to the IACFS/ME, the federal advisory committee on CFS (CFSAC) and numerous professionals they appear to have buckled down to run out the storm.  The storm has been raging for the last year and with Annette Whittemore calling for a Congressional Investigation into anemic federal response to CFS and Dr.… Read More


Posted by Cort Johnson

It was as if someone had transported the CFSAC committee to a different planet.  Down from their small perch on at top of the building into the main lobby with the banks of lights shining  down and three cameramen following their every move one wondered if this might be what the future looks like. 

The people who followed the proceedings got a taste of everything; the stirring science, the banal presentations by the ex officio’s, the piercing questions by the CFSAC members, (the not so piercing questions), the powerful presentations by the patients, the Orwellian government speak, the mind numbing rules.… Read More