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Posted by Cort Johnson

ME/CFS non-profits in the Chase Community Giving contestChase Community Giving is at it again. This time they have expanded their month long Facebook contest to include a round of larger non-profits with have annual operating expenses from 1-5 million dollars. That would includes two ME/CFS organizations in the US; the Whittemore Peterson Institute and the CFIDS Association of America.

The WPI, of course, uncovered XMRV, which has brought much needed exposures to ME/CFS and could be the breakthrough we’ve a;; be waiting for plus they have a dynamic clinic opening up shortly. The CAA demonstrated their effectiveness in supporting high quality research when many of the presenters at the State of the Knowledge conference thanked them for their support.… Read More


Posted by Cort Johnson

“I was sitting there yesterday (during the CDC presentation) feeling like my head was going to blow off my shoulders”

The CFID’s Association of America has been leading the way on the CDC review. Kim McCleary sits through every CFSAC meeting – not an easy task in that often mostly empty room – and takes notes.  It was the contrast between what Dr. Reeves said the program was going to do and what it actually did that apparently triggered their investigation. Projects that were supposed to start didn’t, others that started seemed to drag on and on and they seemed to have lost their zest.… Read More