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The ME/CFS community wins $30,000 for NIDA and Phoenix Rising in the two-week Chase contest

It looked like Phoenix Rising was toast; we had dropped from 86th on Sept 10th to 136th and then all the way to 174th and had a meager 40 vote cushion with a day and a half to go……and then the ME/CFS Community erupted – propelling us all the way up to 133rd and allowing us to win $10,000.  It was an amazing jump and we can’t thank the ME/CFS Community enough for your efforts.

NIDA’s story was less dramatic but in the end they were on the edge, too, at 87th place in the last day with just a 9 place cushion before they fell into the $10,000 slot.  … Read More


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Opportunity Knocks! 

The Chase Giving Contest is back and with it the opportunity to get cash-starved ME/CFS non-profits some real cash. All it takes is your vote and spreading the word for the next two weeks (Sept 6-19th). This, in the world of non-profits is a remarkably easy (if nerve-wracking) way to make money…
Over the past two years Phoenix Rising has played a key role in getting Chase to pump over $170,000 into ME/CFS non-profits coffers and now we and eight other organizations are in the contest. The Top 200 vote getters this year will win from 10K to 250K.… Read More

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The Chase Community Giving Contest gives ME/CFS a chance at winning a significant amount of money

The Chase Community Giving Contest for non-profits will run from Sept 6th-19th.  In the past two years Phoenix Rising has poured time and resources into helping other ME/CFS orgs win over $170,000 and now, for the first time, we’re in ‘the chase’ (:)) and we’re excited to be there. The annual Chase contest provides a rare opportunity for ME/CFS organizations to pick up some easy money. 

Some History

2011 – Three ME/CFS non-profits; the IACFS/ME,  the ME/CFS KnowledgeCenter,  and the Mass CFIDS Association won 20k  in a contest that matched smaller non-profits against each other.

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We started out with seven CFS non-profits in the running for $175,000 in the Chase Community Giving Contest. We knew the contest was going to get really volatile in the last couple of days and it has with four organizations dropping like rocks.

With only 22 hours left in the contest only three organizations appear assured of taking home any money; the IACFS (AACFS), the CFSKnowledge Center and Mass CFIDS.

Rocky Mountain and Wisconsin have dropped precipitously and are in the last few hours have dropped out of the top 100 (and the $25,000 prize). The fine New Jersey CFS Association which has done so much over the years is now off the leaderboard as is the exciting Enterovirus Foundation devoted to studying what may be a key culprit in CFS.… Read More


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The RMCFA is one of six CFS organizations in the running for from 25K in the Chase Community Giving Contest running until Aug 22nd. Chances are,though, that after being in contention for 2 weeks, on the last day of being in the Chase Community Giving contest, the RMCFA will drop out of the top 100 and come up penniless.

We don’t want this to happen.  We have 22 hours to make sure that it doesn’t happen.

Incorporated in 1991, the RMCFA provides regular speakers, a monthly email newsletter and an Action Center. It’s Executive Director, Mike Munoz, was a co-founder of the Coaltion4ME/CFS – a national group of ME/CFS non-profits dedicated to improving conditions for people with ME/CFS.… Read More


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The Chase Community Giving Contest is almost the only way for penny-poor CFS non-profits to come up with easy cash. With four days left in the contest two non-profits – the New Jersey CFS Association (#93) and the Enterovirus Foundation (#81) – are hanging on by the skin of their teeth. The next couple of days will make or break them.

Let’s take a look at these two organizations

The New Jersey CFS Association

A Leader Struggles – That the NJCFSA is struggling in the Chase Contest is a bit strange since it may be the most dynamic state CFS non-profit support group in the country.… Read More


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Only Four days left for Chase Community Giving and two of our most important CFS non-profits are in the running.  Check out why your vote for these organizations will make a difference for ME/CFS.

CFS Knowledge Center  The CFSKnowledgeCenter is actually two sites: a thriving Community Center with blogs, research surveys and CFS support groups and a knowledge base containing articles and video’s

The CFSKnowledgeCenter already easily had the biggest ME/CFS video collection on the web at but Dan Moricoli, the owner of the site, has taken it one step further and has been collaborating with Dr.… Read More

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The Chase Community Giving Contest for CFS: WPI and CAA researchThe regular season is over – it’s playoff time for the Chase Community Giving Contest for large non-profits…..time to win some BIG MONEY for CFS research.This is a unique opportunity. Increasing govt funding for ME/CFS has been agonizingly difficult given the negative attitudes towards ME/CFS and it’s pretty darn clear, with the NIH suffering significant cuts this year, that funding is not going to increase significantly this year or the next. Given the smaller pot of funds available now, winning grants -always a difficult task for any CFS researcher – is going to be more difficult than ever.But Chase Community Giving (funded by JP Morgan Chase) has given CFS research a kind of life line; a chance to win some big money in a time of dearth and to put that money directly into the hands of excellent researchers.… Read More

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ME/CFS non-profits in the Chase Community Giving contestChase Community Giving is at it again. This time they have expanded their month long Facebook contest to include a round of larger non-profits with have annual operating expenses from 1-5 million dollars. That would includes two ME/CFS organizations in the US; the Whittemore Peterson Institute and the CFIDS Association of America.

The WPI, of course, uncovered XMRV, which has brought much needed exposures to ME/CFS and could be the breakthrough we’ve a;; be waiting for plus they have a dynamic clinic opening up shortly. The CAA demonstrated their effectiveness in supporting high quality research when many of the presenters at the State of the Knowledge conference thanked them for their support.… Read More