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Invest in me

Sasha and Simon preview the attractions and tells you how you can watch it unfold …

This Friday, 29 May sees the tenth International ME Conference put on by UK research charity Invest in ME (IiME) in London. The day-long conference will include 220 participants from 17 countries and will be attended by researchers, clinicians and patients.​

london-by-night-735085_1280The conference has grown from small beginnings to being one of the most important events on the international ME research calendar, not least because it’s preceded by a two-day, invitation-only research colloquium — now in its fifth year — where some of the world’s top ME researchers can put their minds together and make things happen.… Read More


Posted by Cort Johnson

The IACFS/ME Newsletter was chock full of good news this time… For starters, Stanford, of all places is co-sponsoring the next IACFS/ME Conference!

Stanford University to Co-sponsor IACFS/ME Conference in March, 2014

In a surprise, Stanford, the 4th ranked medical research university in the U.S., will co-sponsor the next IACFS/ME Conference in 2012

Patient groups groups have always co- hosted IACFS/ME conferences in the past but that’s changed – and in a big way.   One might have thought the first University to co-sponsor an IACFS/ME conference would be a small one but no,  in a stunning turn of events, somehow the IACFS/ME, Dr.… Read More


Posted by Cort Johnson

Jorgen Jelstad is a Norwegian journalist with a family member who has a severe case of ME/CFS. He tweeted the Ottawa conference last year and he tweeted the Invest in ME conference yesterday.

Suggesting  a certain excitement and vigor is present, he reported that a brain-storming session occurred two days prior to the conference.

From Dr. Peterson (Simmaron) to Dr. Gradisnuk (PHANU)  to Dr. Baraniuk, the one day conference was packed with intriguing speakers but none were more eagerly awaited than Dr. Fluge and Dr. Mella’s talk on Rituximab.


Fluge and Mella appear to be getting good results in their larger Rituximab (Rituxian)  followup study.… Read More