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Posted by Cort Johnson

The funder of big, complex and expensive studies whose costs often run into the millions of dollars, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) presents a resource like no other.  It’s never been easy to secure an NIH grant; for one thing, substantial data backing up one’s hypothesis is needed – which means researchers need to access substantial sums of money before they apply for the grant.  The pre-grant stage is where non-profit organizations, which can provide seed money (about $100,000) for researchers to get the data they need to apply, shine.

Getting the preliminary data is just the beginning, though. 

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Posted by Cort Johnson

 I can promise we will be providing cutting edge research and care, and educating providers like never before. 

Dr. Nancy Klimas

Dr. Klimas recently left the University of Miami to head up a new Institute dedicated to researching chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) and Gulf War Illness  at Nova Southeastern University. Dr. Klimas worked at the Univ. of Miami for 27 years; they gave her a space and a platform for her ME/CFS research, and for that we must be grateful, but they were never an eager partner. Nova Southeastern University (NSU), however, sounds like it’s eager to make a difference in this field.… Read More


Posted by Cort Johnson

Last week a notice from the University of Miami stating that after 27 years Dr. Klimas’s doors at the University would close sent something of a shock wave through the ME/CFS community. The idea that a significant CFS researcher, physician and advocate had perhaps lost her academic base was more than disturbing – but that announcement turned out to be nothing but a prelude to the really big news; it turned out that University of Miami didn’t let her go at all – Dr. Klimas left them for greener, much greener pastures.

In fact Dr. Klimas was given an offer – to form a Neuro-Immune Institute at Nova Southeastern – that she couldn’t refuse.… Read More

Posted by Cort Johnson

The Consult

In Part I of the Dan Moricoli’s three part series on Dr. Klimas’s Heart Rate Based Activity Management Program on ME-CFSCommunity Center.com, we followed Brenda as she did a VO2 max exercise test on a bicycle at Dr. Klimas’s CFS Clinic. In the second video Dan video’s Brenda as she consults with Connie Sol, the exercise physiologist at Dr. Klimas’s Clinic, about her test results.

You exercise – you have no idea what you’re doing’ …and then you crash. That kind of approach is counterproductive and what shouldn’t be done.
Dr. Connie Sol, exercise physiologist for Dr.

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Posted by Cort Johnson

In collaboration with Dr. Klimas, Dan Moricoli of the ME-CFS Community and Knowledge Center has created a video series focusing on using VO2 max and heart rate measures to create a relapse free ‘exercise’ program to enhance ones health.


Part I focuses on using the VO2 max test to determine at what heart rate patients enter the danger zone – their anerobic threshold. It features a patient, Brenda, Dr. Klimas and her exercise physiologist Connie.


Parts II and III will focus on discussing what the test means and how to implement a relapse free exercise program (even for the very ill) and will be released over the next couple of weeks.… Read More
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Posted by Cort Johnson

Gulf War Illness (GWI) and chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) have both struggled for recognition. Recent findings implicating similar findings in both disorders suggest each disorder could soon be helping the other gain more recognition and study.

Throw in a recent rare advocacy win for ME/CFS supporting collaboration between the two fields and hope rises that not only will we be seeing more GWI/CFS studies in the future but that the two fields will piggyback off the other – helping each to gain momentum and acceptance.

Indeed, it looks like the first XMRV grant that the WPI gets from the federal government may very well be on none other than Gulf War Illness…

WPI Gets its Grant?Read More

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