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Posted by Cort Johnson

The Chase Community Giving Contest is almost the only way for penny-poor CFS non-profits to come up with easy cash. With four days left in the contest two non-profits – the New Jersey CFS Association (#93) and the Enterovirus Foundation (#81) – are hanging on by the skin of their teeth. The next couple of days will make or break them.

Let’s take a look at these two organizations

The New Jersey CFS Association

A Leader Struggles – That the NJCFSA is struggling in the Chase Contest is a bit strange since it may be the most dynamic state CFS non-profit support group in the country.… Read More


Posted by Cort Johnson

Only Four days left for Chase Community Giving and two of our most important CFS non-profits are in the running.  Check out why your vote for these organizations will make a difference for ME/CFS.

CFS Knowledge Center  The CFSKnowledgeCenter is actually two sites: a thriving Community Center with blogs, research surveys and CFS support groups and a knowledge base containing articles and video’s

The CFSKnowledgeCenter already easily had the biggest ME/CFS video collection on the web at but Dan Moricoli, the owner of the site, has taken it one step further and has been collaborating with Dr.… Read More

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Posted by Cort Johnson

Phoenix Rising is proud to join the Coalition 4 ME/CFS. Every member of the Phoenix Rising Board of Directors has had ME/CFS for over ten years and we are all personally aware of its costs.

A recent letter one of our Board Members, Pat Sonnett, wrote to Amy Dockser Marcus of the Wall Street Journal, summed up the feelings for all of us.

Coalition 4 ME/CFS“Amy, thanks once again for covering the story of ME/CFS. I firmly believe that much of the patient anger and frustration we’re witnessing now is justified and is a direct result of decades of denial, ridicule, neglect and malfeasance on the part of our government health agencies whose responsibility has been to investigate this illness properly.

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