Posted by Cort Johnson

NeedyMeds could help some ME/CFS patients save a substantial amount of money on drug costs

Taking a Big Hit- The CDC found that the average family containing someone with chronic fatigue syndrome took about a $15,000 hit yearly in medical costs, lost wages etc…and that about 1/4 of medical costs were paid directly out of pocket. .. It’s clear that many families are hit hard financially by ME/CFS and anything they can do to shave costs would be a big help.

Lessening That Hit - In a recent webinar Pandora teamed up with NeedyMeds, a non-profit organization dedicated to finding ways people can save money on medications, to illuminate some interesting options.(The program is mostly for ‘low income’ patient but a quick glance at the programs indicated that families with under $100,000 in income can participate in some of them.) Since 1997 NeedyMeds has developed a variety of impressive databases that track a variety of drug and health assistance programs and it provides its own drug discount card.… Read More


Posted by Cort Johnson

Marly Silverman is a worker! How many people have played a major role in creating not one or two but three organizations? Marly first created PANDORA, then in response to the CDC’s new website, dreamed up the MWCPA and then was a key figure in getting the Coalition4MECFS off the ground.

Plainly put Marly makes things happen. My first hankering of that occurred in 2007 while I was stewing in Southern California bemoaning my inability to get to the Florida Conference. It was Marly who not only told me to get off my butt and make it happen and provided some funds to do that.

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Posted by Cort Johnson

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