Posted by Cort Johnson

The statistics the Campaign to End Chronic Pain in Women cites are startling…$50 million women in the US suffer from six chronic pain conditions (ME/CFS, FM, Interstitial Cystitus, TMD, Endometriosus, Vulvodynia), one of which is ME/CFS, which cost the US economy 80 billion dollars a year…..yet the NIH devotes only $1.36 per woman a year to research these disorders. ¬†(Is this the last great example of ¬†discrimination against females in the medical community?)

Women with these disorders suffer from the same litany of problems as do people with ME/CFS…..they generally get ¬†blank looks from physicians (and a quick call for anti-depressants), have difficulty simply getting diagnosed and once they are they are offered few treatment options.… Read More