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Tales From the Edge: the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) Story Edition

Tales From the Edge: the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) Story Edition

The end of the year story edition of Phoenix Rising presents three remarkably different stories; a Canadian now almost completely disabled by the this disease but still participating as much as fiercely as she can, a Nevadan who’s story illustrates the physical and emotional challenges ME/CFS can pose to an entire family, and a ME/CFS patient who emerged in complete health after from many years of suffering. Plus we have a blog from me about a ‘breakthrough’ that suggests a new trigger for ME/CFS that may provide some hope for some.

Linda’s Story – Linda talks of the ups and downs of a 20 year journey with severe ME/CFS that began in college.

DM’s Story – DM’s family, with their diagnosis by a prominent physician and their well documented immune abnormalities, demonstrate how many different facets – emotional and physical – ME/CFS can have.

Diana’s Story – Diana’s story of recovery from a chlamydiae pneumoniae infection may be familiar to some. Here she provides a recent update of her startling success after many years of suffering.

Corts Blog – A trip to the dentist has a startling result with possibly long term results.

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