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A Guide to Freddd's Protocol

Blog entry posted by ahmo, Jun 26, 2014.

Here's an attempt to consolidate some of the voluminous information from Freddd. Sacrificing Perfection for Good Enough. A work in progress. Hints for revisions gratefully accepted.

That I've had the brain power, focus, patience to do this is a testament to the efficacy of this protocol for me over the last year and a half. Freddd, :love:

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About the Author

ME/CFS since June 2013: Precipitated by heat and stress, 2003 European heat wave. GAPS diet from January 2012. Before this I was spiralling downward, life barely tolerable with my over-active nervous system. Mid 2012 Uncovered and supplemented for Pyroluria, then Methylation defects. March 2013 began Freddd's Protocol.
  1. ahmo
    Thanks Helen. I'm chuffed that it's helped! :)
  2. helen1
    Amazing, Ahmo. I think that's helped me finally start to figure out the confusing, overlapping needs for folate and B12 that change so quickly... Thank you.
  3. sregan
    Just took a quick glance, 40+ pages. This is tremendous, thank you again!
    ahmo likes this.
  4. sregan
    How awesome that you put this together!!! Thank you!!
    ahmo likes this.