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4. Starting a Thread

Oct 27, 2013
4. Starting a Thread
  • Starting a Thread

    To Start a Thread

    • Open up the forum you want to start the thread in
    • Once you are inside the forum, click on the 'Post New Thread' tab

    Post New Thread.png

    • That will take you to your 'post' page. A thread is a series of posts
    • Type your post (see How to Edit a Post for more information)
    • You can choose to 'watch thread'. When a member posts on the thread you have started, you will receive an alert if you choose this option.

    To Attach a Poll to the thread

    •When you start a thread, you are also given the option of attaching a poll. This option is underneath the editing box and has the steps required to start and post a poll

    Post a Poll.png

    • You can add up to twenty options to your poll
    • When you are ready to post your thread, click on 'Post Thread' button.
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