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Moderation Team

Nov 14, 2013
Moderation Team
  • The Moderation Team Lead
    has overall responsibility for Moderation decisions and for the management of the Moderation team. Contact the Moderation Team Lead if

    • you are interested in becoming a moderator
    • you wish to complain about the decision or behavior of one of the moderators
    • you have comments, suggestions or complaints about the Forum Rules and Moderation policy which a senior moderator is not able to answer to your satisfaction.

    Mark (Moderation Team Lead)

    Picture of me 1.png

    Mark lives in the UK and has had ME/CFS – diagnosed as “Multiple Chemical Sensitivity” and an “Idiopathic Immune Disorder” – since 1995. He now works part-time from home as a web developer, and has been a moderator on the Phoenix Rising forums since early 2010. Mark is also a member of Phoenix Rising's Board of Directors.

    Senior Moderators
    are fully trained in all aspects of Moderation and have the authority to make autonomous decisions regarding any Moderation matter (although note that any complex or contentious decisions are usually taken in consultation with the whole of the Moderation team, and bans for reasons other than spamming are discussed and agreed by the whole team). You can contact a Senior Moderator regarding any Moderation matter, but if your inquiry is about a routine issue such as renaming or moving a thread, it's helpful if you can contact a Moderator in the first instance.

    Kina (Senior Moderator)


    Kina lives in Ontario, Canada and has been a member of the forum since 2009 and has been a Moderator on the Phoenix Rising forums since December of 2011. She reluctantly retired from Nursing in 2001 and has been ill since 1997.

    can be contacted about any type of Moderation matter and they are able to carry out most common Moderation tasks, but depending on their level of experience they may not have full authority to handle the more difficult situations and they may not be able to deal with all types of inquiry. Nevertheless, you may contact a moderator regarding any Moderation matter and they will pass on anything they can't handle to another member of the Moderation team.

    Please bear in mind that the Moderation team sometimes have a lot of work to get through during busy periods so you may not receive an immediate response. Also please bear in mind that our moderators are all patients and, just like everyone else, we suffer periods of relapse and may not be available for days or weeks at a time. If you don't receive a response to your inquiry within 2 or 3 days, try another moderator...but please don't send messages to all the moderators at once, as that fills up all our inboxes and wastes our time co-ordinating a response.
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