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The greatest selection of CFS video’s are, of course, found on YouTube.  Since



Invisible – From the Vermont CFIDS Association 

A Review – What is ME/CFS in Vermont like?’ Invisible’ suggests that it’s much like it is in the rest of US. A struggle for health and a struggle to maintain ones sense of mental well-being in the face of a medicals community’s disregard and often disdain. Vermont does have something or rather someone who is different, though, and that is Rik Carlson – someone who’s felt compelled to document the CFS Community’s story there. He did it first in his autobiography, Monkeys Have Wings and now he’s doing it on film.  For the rest of the review…..click here

Sign the petition to get ME/CFS a research budget of $250 million a year!
There's a US petition and a global solidarity petition here with a long-term target of 50,000 signatures. Time we were on an equal per-patient funding basis with similar diseases!