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Posted by Cort Johnson

Join Phoenix Rising as we cover the June 13th, 14th CFSAC meeting live.

The federal advisory committee on chronic fatigue syndrome (CFSAC) meets twice a year to propose recommendations and interview and prod  federal officials to do more to meet the enormous needs of the chronic fatigue syndrome community.

Join Phoenix Rising as we cover the two-day event (June 13th, 14th 9am-5pm EST) live with commentary and the opportunity for you to join in and give your impressions and views as the event unfolds.

The meeting provides a rare public view of what the NIH, CDC and FDA and others are doing (or not doing) to provide answers for the 1 million or so Americans with ME/CFS.  … Read More


By Denise-Lopez Majano 

Patients, and advocates have the opportunity to speak at the CFSAC during public comment time IF they register in time.

As soon as the notice is posted, each person who wants to provide public comment has to IMMEDIATELY send an email (cfsac@hhs.gov) requesting a time slot (for live or remote comment).

(Time slots fill up FAST when they become available – usually filled the same day the CFSAC meeting dates are announced. Don’t despair though, usually a number of people who are wait-listed for public comment, get time slots at the last minute.)

You will probably receive an automated reply saying that your email was received.… Read More