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drug discounts

Posted by Cort Johnson

NeedyMeds could help some ME/CFS patients save a substantial amount of money on drug costs

Taking a Big Hit- The CDC found that the average family containing someone with chronic fatigue syndrome took about a $15,000 hit yearly in medical costs, lost wages etc…and that about 1/4 of medical costs were paid directly out of pocket. .. It’s clear that many families are hit hard financially by ME/CFS and anything they can do to shave costs would be a big help.

Lessening That Hit – In a recent webinar Pandora teamed up with NeedyMeds, a non-profit organization dedicated to finding ways people can save money on medications, to illuminate some interesting options.(The program is mostly for ‘low income’ patient but a quick glance at the programs indicated that families with under $100,000 in income can participate in some of them.) Since 1997 NeedyMeds has developed a variety of impressive databases that track a variety of drug and health assistance programs and it provides its own drug discount card.… Read More