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Posted by Cort Johnson

In Part II of the XMRV section of the conference we look at the Coffin/Mikovits presentations, Hanson’s update on her XMRV work and look at the recent XMRV research findings.

The pMLVs Strike Out – Hanson Disavows Former Results

“The sensitivity of the PCR assays used requires extreme caution in interpreting results

Dr. Maureen Hanson”

Background – Dr. Hanson’s was one of two labs (Lo/Alter) to find not XMRV but closely related murine leukemia viruses called pMLV’s, in CFS blood samples. Dr. Mikovits heralded the findings as proof that a family of murine leukemia viruses were present in chronic fatigue syndrome but the their  similarity to endogenous retroviruses raised a red flag.… Read More