The Giardia ‘Syndrome’ Strikes: Norwegian Studies Suggest ‘Minor Bugs’ May Commonly Trigger …

by Cort Johnson “Other patients suffer a severe, long lasting illness, for which treatment is ineffectual, and even after the parasite has finally been eliminated, some sequelae persist, affecting quality of life and continuing to cause the patient discomfort or pain” (LJ Robertson et al, 2010) Giardia is an interesting bug. Perhaps the most common intestinal parasite in developing areas,


Memorial Service for Rich Van Konynenburg: Nov 18

Forum member RivkaRivka extends an invitation to members of the ME/CFS, Lyme and MCS communities to join together in a teleconference to say “Thank you; We love you; Goodbye” to Rich Van Konynenburg. All are invited to the ME/CFS, Lyme and MCS community’s Memorial Service for Rich Van Konynenburg on November 18, 2012   On Sunday, November 18, 2012, please

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