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Ottawa III: The Most Expensive Disorder Facing the Medical Profession – Clauw on FM and CFS

Posted by Cort Johnson Ottawa Conference Reports III: The Most Expensive Disorder: Clauw on the Fibromyalgia and CFS-ness of Chronic Illness    Clauw is a fascinating figure. Clauw comes from the fibromyalgia side but if you don’t have FM don’t think there’s not something here for you as well. Clauw believes a very large group of people with chronic illnesses

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IACFS/ME Ottawa CFS Conference Reports: XMRV II: the Coffin/Mikovits Debate, pMLV’s Strike Out …

Posted by Cort Johnson In Part II of the XMRV section of the conference we look at the Coffin/Mikovits presentations, Hanson’s update on her XMRV work and look at the recent XMRV research findings. The pMLVs Strike Out – Hanson Disavows Former Results “The sensitivity of the PCR assays used requires extreme caution in interpreting results Dr. Maureen Hanson” Background

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IACFS/ME Ottawa CFS Conference Reports: Pt 1- XMRV’s Big Test: The Blood Working Group Study

Posted by Cort Johnson Pt. IA: XMRV: the Big Test – the Blood Working Study  (Taken From the Ottawa Conference/CFIDS Association Webinar) The Blood Working Group  was  a large group (25) made of federal officials from various agencies (CDC, NIH, FDA), the Red Cross, several laboratories including the WP, several Universities and  put together just a month after the XMRV


Twittering the IACFS/ME Conference Pt III

Posted by Cort Johnson Quick hits from the IACFS/ME Ottawa Conference #IACFSME – on last day room is quite full. Immune session begins with 3 positive studies on #CFS fr. Australia (Bond), CDC and Lights (Utah) 21 hours ago CortJohnson Cort Johnson #IACFSME – brain blood flow study finds significantly reduced blood flows – anterior cingulate region may explain increased lactate in brain 19 hours


Twittering the IACFS/ME Ottawa Conference Pt. II

Posted by Cort Johnson Quick hits from the first two days of the Conference. Follow CortJohnson on Twitter tomorrow for more   CortJohnson Cort Johnson #IACFS/ME – #Clauw reports #interstitial cytisus (allied with #CFS) will change name next year to reflect understanding about CNS origin 23 Sep   CortJohnson Cort Johnson #IACFS/ME – #Clauw reports #interstitial cytisus research community acknowledges they were all wrong; its all the central nervous system. 23


Twittering the IACFS/ME Conference Pt. I

Posted by Cort Johnson  Quick hits from International ME/CFS Conference in Ottawa. Follow CortJohnson on Twitter tomorrow for more…. CortJohnson Cort Johnson #IACFSME – over the past year 2 NIH CFS heads, Vivian Pinn the head of the Office of Women;s Health, CDC CFS Chief and Wanda Jones have left 19 minutes ago CortJohnson Cort Johnson #IACFSME – Mangan’s retirement is a big loss