Phoenix Rising: Worth as much as Vogue?

by Sasha The internet! Full of lovely free stuff. Until recently, we expected to get our news, expert advice, gossip – pretty much everything on the web – without paying. Some content providers write for fun and don’t seek payment, but others need an income from their work. They get that via click-through advertising or because their content is advertising

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Vote from Any Country for ME/FM Charity to Win $20,000!

by Sasha  The first thing to say about this: you don’t need Facebook! The second thing: you don’t have to be in Canada to vote! The third thing… well, time to give you the details… Nature’s Bounty, a long-established manufacturer of vitamins and food supplements, is running an online voting contest for Canadian charities. The National ME/FM Action Network has

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To Give Or Not To Give…and How Much?

by Sasha If any of us was Bill Gates, we wouldn’t ask ourselves whether we should donate money to ME charities. We’d just do it. We’d reach into our gigantic bank account and drop our billions on the problem, secure in the knowledge that we were pouring such shedloads – no, planetloads – of cash onto it that the problem