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The ME/CFS Stigma

 Carol Schmid examines what it is about the nature of ME/CFS that makes it likely to generate skepticism. Despite ME/CFS being an illness so severe that it has been found to cause a poorer quality of life than any major illness including cancer [1], its sufferers continue to be disbelieved, shamed and abandoned by doctors, friends and family. It is


Treatment and Overviews: Book on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Beating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Step By Step Guide to Complete Recovery by Dr. Kristina Downing-Orr (2011) A recent entry to the ME/CFS treatment field, ‘Beating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome’ makes a startling promise (‘Complete Recovery; in its title. A psychologist who recovered fully from a severe case of virally induced CFS, Dr. Downing-Orr presents an intriguing blend of body (supplements/drugs)

Community Rising Project

Community Rising is a community empowerment program for people with a often disabling disorder called ‘chronic fatigue syndrome’ which leaves many with special economic, social and emotional needs. This Google Mashup map project will help address those needs by allowing people with chronic fatigue syndrome to look on a map of their local area and communicate with other patients to break

Trends in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Research

This paper examines the quantity and focus of CFS research over time and draws some conclusions regarding their implications for CFS patients. Background After CFS burst upon the scene in the mid eighties it didn’t take it long to become a major research topic. The first study PubMed cites on CFS (in the 1980’s) was published in 1987* and by

Ottawa SceneIII 11

Ottawa III: The Most Expensive Disorder Facing the Medical Profession – Clauw on FM and CFS

Posted by Cort Johnson Ottawa Conference Reports III: The Most Expensive Disorder: Clauw on the Fibromyalgia and CFS-ness of Chronic Illness    Clauw is a fascinating figure. Clauw comes from the fibromyalgia side but if you don’t have FM don’t think there’s not something here for you as well. Clauw believes a very large group of people with chronic illnesses


Coalition4ME/CFS Puts Out Call For Action on DSM-5 Proposal

Posted by Cort Johnson The Coalition4ME/CFS – a coalition of US ME/CFS non-profit organizations – has issued a Call to Action on the impending DSM-5 proposal and provided information to assist organizations and patients in writing their own letter to the American Psychiatric Association. The submission period ends June 15th.  THE COALITION ANNOUNCEMENT DSM-5 Background: Why this call to action


Dr. Nancy Klimas on Her New Clinic, Pathogens and XMRV s(1/10)

Dr. Nancy Klimas on Her New Clinic, Pathogens and XMRV s(1/10) Why did you decide to open up a new clinic? You already appear to be one of the busiest persons in the chronic fatigue syndrome world. You were the President of the IACFS/ME, you’re on the CFSAC committee, you’re a CFS and Gulf War Illness (GWI) researcher, you have

Phoenix Rising: Vol.1, No. 6, Feb. 2006 By Cort Johnson

Phoenix Rising: Vol.1, No. 6, Feb. 2006 By Cort Johnson (Please send submissions, comments and/or clarifications Phoenix Rising is a monthly newsletter committed to elucidating current CFS research, describing important events, telling patient stories, etc. Please contribute to Phoenix Rising. NEWS The CFIDS Association of America publishes Special Issue on the Science and Research of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This

Phoenix Rising: The Cortisol Edition (Sept 2008) by Cort Johnson

Phoenix Rising: The Cortisol Edition (Sept 2008) by Cort Johnson News Exciting News From The Whittemore-Peterson-Institute Check out this video from Channel 2 News in Reno. In it Dr. Judy Mikovits stated that a blood test measuring immune agents to diagnose chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) could be ready within a year. The WPI is also in the process of identifying