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Newsletters with regular updates on various aspects of ME/CFS are readily available on the net.

  • The Phoenix Rising newsletter provides up to date summaries of the latest ME/CFS research efforts as well as events, stories, interviews and more.
  • The CFID’s Association America’s monthly e-newsletter provides objective, reliable information on chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) straight to your mailbox
  • Sign up at the ‘World’s Largest Fibromyalgia and ME/CFS Syndrome Site” at Prohealth and regularly get short but well written and understandable updates on CFS research and treatment. ProHealth is run by ME/CFS patient, advocate and philanthropist Rich Carson
  • Sign up for Dr. Bell’s newsletter ‘The Lyndonville News’. Besides treating ME/CFS patients Bell has been an important advocate for many years. In his this rather irregularly distributed newsletter he supplies information in an informal and engaging manner.

Sign the petition to get ME/CFS a research budget of $250 million a year!
There's a US petition and a global solidarity petition here with a long-term target of 50,000 signatures. Time we were on an equal per-patient funding basis with similar diseases!