The Patient Side – WPI Clinical Director Dr. Deckoff-Jones Talks

February 8, 2011

Posted by Cort Johnson

The XMRV finding has put the spotlight for the past year on the research side of the WPI (or the Center for Neuro-immune Disease) but that’s just half of the equation. When the Clinical side of the Center opens sometime in May it will bring an entire new entity to the ME/CFS Community…an integrated clinic/research facility.

In this interview Dr. Deckoff-Jones talks about other the side of the WPI – the Clinic side. We find out how large it is (it’s quite large!), what they hope to accomplish (quite a bit), how they plan to do it and how she hopes it will change the face of CFS treatment. Check it out in

The Patient Side: Clinical Director Director Dr. Deckoff-Jones Talks

via Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) News From Phoenix Rising – Dr. Deckoff-Jones Talks – on the WPI.

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