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Image of an extracellular vesicle with potential contents

A Conversation with Dr. Elisa Oltra and Dr. Jesus Castro By Eric Pyrrhus Versión en español In 2020, there were three different scientific publications about “extracellular vesicles” and four different scientific publications about “micro-RNAs” in myalgic encephalomyelitis/ chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS). What exactly are extracellular vesicles and micro-RNAs and why are they both such exciting […]

Meet the Researcher: Interview with Dr. Erin Cvejic

Photo of Dr. Erin Cvejic

by Bronc Dr. Erin Cvejic is a Senior Lecturer in Biostatistics at the School of Public Health, University of Sydney, Australia, and an Adjunct Lecturer in Psychiatry at UNSW Sydney. Over the last eight years he has written several articles on the issue of sleep and cognitive function in people with myalgic encephalomyelitis/ chronic fatigue syndrome […]

Honouring the Memory of our Friend PatJ

Photo of Patrick Johnson

by Jody Smith We want to celebrate the memory of PatJ here on Phoenix Rising. Many of our members knew him as a long-time friend on these forums. We received some sorrowful news about Pat on December 29, 2020 from his sister Shannon. “I wanted to inform you that my brother Patrick Johnson of Whitehorse, […]

Holiday Season ME/CFS Style — With a COVID Twist

Photo of cat looking out window.

By Jody Smith I have a bad history with late November and the month of December, ever since I first got ME/CFS 28 years ago. Some of that has to do with the shorter daylight hours in my hemisphere, but a lot of it is wrapped up with the encroaching Holiday Season. December plays host […]

The Apologizers of the ME/CFS World

Image of rose with the word "Sorry".

by Jody Smith I’m Canadian, so I hear a lot of good-natured jokes about how Canadians apologize all the time. It’s funny in part because … in part, it’s true. But you know who else apologizes a lot? Chronically ill people. And that ain’t so funny. Now some of us were probably like that before […]

Person sleeping.

By Jody Smith Every year we who are able do our bit to bring greater awareness to the plight of the most severely ill 25% in the ME/CFS community. Does this bring greater awareness to anyone outside of our community? I wish I knew. But we carry on in this endeavour because these precious people […]

A Look at COVID-19 Through the Eyes of ME/CFS

Image of mediterranean street.

by Jody Smith​ I have been self-isolating for over two weeks now. Not because of COVID-19. At least, not at first. Like many of you, I spend a great deal of time in my house because of ME/CFS. I was housebound due to a resurgence of ME/CFS symptoms since the beginning of March. And like […]

Looking Ahead to a New Year With ME/CFS

Image of candles lit up on a snowy ledge.

by Jody Smith​ Hey, it’s the beginning of a new year. And 2020 has a nice fresh ring to it. This time of year are you thinking about the future? I’m not talking about New Year Resolutions. I ditched those years ago. Me, I have a hard time looking to the future. When it comes […]

Living With ME/CFS in the Holiday Season: Year After Year

Candles on a table.

by Jody Smith This year marks my twenty-eighth holiday season fractured by ME/CFS. Some years have been better, some worse. All of them have been thrown off kilter in one form or another for me and my family. My first Christmas marred by ME/CFS was in 1992. My husband had had fibromyalgia for four years. […]

On the Absence of Light and ME/CFS

Sunset behind tree.

by Jody Smith​ On my side of the world, change is brewing. Here in North America, the cold and dark brooding of winter looms and glowers. In some areas it has already hit, hard. Temperatures dropping, days shortening … for someone like me who lives with ME/CFS and seasonal affective disorder, this is a daunting […]

Invisible Disabilities Week Is Oct. 13 – 19, 2019

Person looking through blinds out a window.

by Jody Smith​ The ME/CFS community is all too familiar with the realities of invisible disabilities. As a matter of fact we are rife with them. For this reason, we’re happy to make some noise for Invisible Disabilities Week. If you have an invisible disability, you’re living with one or more physical, mental or neurological […]

Never Enough Hours in a Day With ME/CFS

Woman leaning head on the back of a chair.

by Jody Smith ​ There just aren’t enough hours in the day for the person with ME/CFS. At least, it’s been like this for me. It’s not that I’m so terribly busy. Indeed, I am not. Not like I used to be busy, before illness. The complicating factor and really, the only factor I have […]