The CFS blogosphere has simply exploded over the past few years and there are now many fine bloggers delivering everything from poignant stories to up-to-date analyses of latest CFS research. Here are some of them.  Take the categories lightly – many bloggers blog on a number of topics.

Primarily Treatment

  • OccupyCFS – passionate and articulate, read attorney Jennie Spotila’ s blogs she ‘occupies’ CFS research, treatment and advocacy.
  • Chronic Fatigue Treatments  – more a website than a blog, lots of information on chronic fatigue syndrome treatments
  • Fighting Fatigue – Sandy Robinson’s active and information-rich blog focusing on CFS and irritable bowel syndrome
  • Healthiosity  – Nadine, a former ME/CFS patient and the author of Fighting Fatigue blogs about, well, wellness and ME/CFS. Another very information rich blog.

Living With ME/CFS

  • DreamsAtStake – poignant touching blogs from Laurel, a severely ill ME/CFS patient
  • Four Walls and A View – Dominique Dekker communicates regularly on her battle with CFS
  • Learning to Live with CFS – A poignant and informative blog from a mother with ME/CFS who has two sons with the disorder
  • Ncubator – Personal, touching, smart, wise, a breath of fresh air, coolness in the heat of day…Jody Smith hits all the right spots
  • Sundog Tales – A wonderful heartfelt blog from an ME/CFS and MCS patient living in a tent in the Northern California forests


  • CFS Untied – CFS Untied brings a special focus on advocacy
  • Osler’s Web –Hilary Johnson, the author of Osler’s Web contributes her always literate and often ferocious take on CFS

The Works – Generally busy blogs dealing with all manners of subjects

  • Bringing the Heat – my blog – a take on many different aspects ranging from advocacy, research and treatment
  • Fibromyalgia and CFS Blogg – from Adrienne Dellwo on brings a constant flow of short blogs dealing with recent events and topics
  • Patient Advocate – A Father’s insightful search for answers for his daughter. Informative, heartfelt and wide-ranging. Follow him as he goes to the conferences and talks to the researchers and physicians.
  • Phoenix Rising Forums – contain a large number of blogs by CFS patients
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