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International Association for CFS/ME Spring Conference 2014: Translating Science into Clinical Care

The IACFS/ME Spring Conference promises to be one of the main events of 2014, and with ‘early bird’ tickets for patients still available, Searcher provides an overview of what we can expect, as well as interviewing the IACFS/ME President, Dr Fred Friedberg, before preparing to attend the conference herself… The 11th biennial IACFS/ME conference will be held in San Francisco


2009 In Review

Posted by Cort Johnson EVENTS Biggest Event – what else? XMRV takes the spotlight as no research finding has before, retrovirologists across the world clamor for samples, worry mounts about a tainted blood supply, Hilary Johnson blows into the New York Times Op Ed section, and patients gasp and cross their fingers in hopes that it will all work out. See XMRV


Missed Opportunities Dog Efforts at Change

Posted by Cort Johnson The CFIDS Association of America generated a shockwave when Kim McCleary stood up at the federal advisory committees November 2008 meeting and accused the CDC’s CFS research program of wasting millions of dollars and engaging in poor research and said the program’s leader, Dr. Reeves had to go. The CAA would go on to slam the


IACFS: MIA or A Force? – The CDC Review

Posted by Cort Johnson The patient community and the CFIDs Association of America showed up for the comment session on the CDC’s CFS research effort but the research community didn’t. Except for Staci Stevens and Dr. Klimas and a brief statement on behalf of the IACFS/ME no other researchers spoke. Time for the IACFS/ME To Step Up – The review