PACE Recovery Song Video 6

The Fable known as The PACE Trial

Graham, Janelle and Bob, have once again excelled themselves with their latest take on the ‘poisoned apple’ that was the PACE Trial… Once upon a time, long, long ago a king and queen ruled over a distant land. The queen was kind and…. Whoops, sorry there! I got confused for a moment. Wrong fantasy tale… Several years ago a team


The Chronic Fatigue Initiative and Interview with Mady Hornig

In a follow-up article to the recent IACFS/ME conference presentation in San Francisco, and after speaking at length with Dr. Mady Hornig, ‘searcher’ delves deeper into the impressive work being completed by the Chronic Fatigue Initiative, and focuses in on those cytokine results … Members of the Chronic Fatigue Initiative (CFI) and Scott Carlson, the executive director of the Hutchins Family

Illu adrenal gland

In Brief: The Adrenal Glands and ME

The second in a new series of ‘In Brief’ articles, where Andrew Gladman provides a helpful insight into the science behind fairly common topics, exploring how they relate to ME/CFS. This time he discusses the adrenal glands and why they can be such a talking point … While the frequent topics of conversation relating to ME/CFS appear to now be

W. Ian Lipkin

The Lipkin Microbiome Crowdfunding Campaign Launches!

An ambitious $1.27m international, patient-led fundraising campaign storms into action. Sasha invites you to join it!​ This week sees the launch of a major new crowdfunding campaign: the Microbe Discovery Project. The campaign aims to raise $1.27 million (£760,000; €910,000) by 31 December 2014 to fund world-famous virus-hunter Dr. Ian Lipkin’s ground-breaking study of ME/CFS and the gut microbiome –

Confused exhausted depressed

Cognitive testing causes mental exhaustion lasting days

Simon McGrath takes a brief look at a recent paper that reveals some of the most powerful evidence of cognitive problems in people with ME/CFS to date… It might not come as a huge surprise to patients, but a new study has found that mental fatigue can persist long after mental exertion is over. Specifically, after a 3-hour session of

507px Lateral head anatomy

In Brief: Muscles and the ‘myalgia’ in ME/CFS

In the first in a new series of ‘In Brief’ articles, Andrew Gladman provides a helpful insight into the science behind fairly common topics and explores how they relate to ME/CFS. This time he looks at the muscles, exploring how our reported symptoms might be associated with our condition and considers why such problems could occur… When ME/CFS is discussed,