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Information Resources

home-office-336378_640For general information about ME/CFS, our own site, our forums, the various ME/CFS support groups and research charities are all good sources.

But there are some great, additional information resources out there: here are some of the most valuable.

Online video series

ME/CFS Alert: Llewellyn King is a well-known British journalist living in the US who specialises in US politics. When a friend of his developed ME/CFS, he was so appalled at the suffering of patients that he started ME/CFS Alert, a series of online video interviews with major figures in the ME/CFS world, including leading researchers and clinicians.

Science to Patients: ME/CVS Vereneging are a Dutch ME/CFS organisation who have produced an impressive series of interviews with scientists about the disease, called ‘Science to Patients‘. All videos are either in English or with English (or Dutch) subtitles as appropriate.


Phoenix Rising has an ongoing series of articles that cover science, advocacy and fundraising campaigns and general ME/CFS news. We also host individual forum members’ blogs.

Health Rising is another general blog that covers both ME/CFS and fibromyalgia, by Phoenix Rising’s original founder, Cort Johnson.

ProHealth is a nutritional supplement company website, owned by ME/CFS patient Rich Carlson. It has an ME/CFS news blog.

Occupy CFS is the blog of Jennie Spotila, a US ME/CFS patient and activist. Its focus is advocacy and analysis directed at US government health agencies and others.

The NICE Guidelines is an acerbic blog by a British doctor who has ME/CFS about the science – good and bad – that appears in the popular and medical media about our disease.

The ME/CFS Blogroll is blog of blogs: it tracks the trending ME/CFS news worldwide and includes many patients’ blogs.

Phoenix Rising interviews

Phoenix Rising has published a number of fascinating interview with scientists, clinicians, campaigners and patients. Find them here.

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