2009 In Review

Posted by Cort Johnson EVENTS Biggest Event – what else? XMRV takes the spotlight as no research finding has before, retrovirologists across the world clamor for samples, worry mounts about a tainted blood supply, Hilary Johnson blows into the New York Times Op Ed section, and patients gasp and cross their fingers in hopes that it will all work out. See XMRV


Dan Moricoli at the IACFS/ME Conference

Posted by Cort Johnson Dan Moricoli was no shrinking violet before he came down with chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) three years ago. A business owner, internet marketer, motorcycle racer, skiing enthusiast and deep-sea fisherman Dan was, in fact, something of an adrenaline junky. At sixty Dan’s idea of coming down from the stress of work was to race motorcycles. But


Roadtrip – Reno Conference

Posted by Cort Johnson I didn’t intend to blog about my trip to the conference but the trip was for me, like for other ME/CFS patients, half the battle. Several people I talked to at the conference noted how difficult travel was. My ability to travel has increased greatly over the past few years. I no longer worry about being