DHHS Alert – Attend CAA Blood Working Group Seminar

Posted by Cort Johnson

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Register For Blood Working Group CFS Webinar – Support CFS at the Dept of Health and Human Services – register for the CAA Blood Working Group Seminar

The DHHS is where the money is. Whether you love, like, dislike or cringe at the idea of being associated with the CFIDS Association, I encourage you to register – so that the DHHS gets that we are interested in this vital subject.

From Jennie Spotila:

DHHS has expressed interest in the number of people who register for/attend the Association’s webinar on the BWG study as a way of gauging the community’s interest in the study. You can register here: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/985931313

Show them we’re interested! And (I hope) get answers to questions arising from yesterday’s presentations about the BWG study and results.
This article was originally published in forum thread: Blood Products Advisory Committee Meeting Announcement (BPAC) D

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