FFC Fundraiser Is Over!

Posted by Cort Johnson

successThe Fundraiser is (very quickly!) over. We raised $2650 in cash donations and $650 in software (to be delivered) in about a day and a half – a remarkable turnout.

A big thank you to everyone who made the fundraiser such a success. We know the financial stresses that come with CFS and we very much appreciate your willingness to open your pocketbooks and give, particularly during these troubling economic times. We received 67 donations ranging from $2 to $650 in value from the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, the Netherlands, France, Belgium and Israel.

We’re confident that the tools you’ve provided the Fatigue Consultation Clinic and Dr. Bateman will indeed “Help her help us”. We hope that once these tools are implemented they will provide a small ‘tipping point’ that will enable Dr. Bateman and her staff to be more productive and effective at what they do. In short, we hope that she gets far more out of them than we put into them

Obviously everyone is ecstatic at how this turned out. It exceeded our most optimistic hopes


Cort and CBS

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