At The Heart Of The Matter? A Guide to Cardiac Issues in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS)

Dr. Cheney’s theory regarding CFS has put cardiovascular issues front and center. cardiovascular systemfor many patients. This series of  seven papers published in 2005 takes a close look at Dr. Cheney’s theory and the heart in  the CFS. 

Part One: Testing the Heart in CFS, Potential Causes and Ongoing Research This paper examines the findings from the cardiovascular studies into CFS, suggests some potential causes for the abnormalities seen and looks at the ongoing research into this issue.

Part Two”  “The Heart of the Matter”? An Inquiry into Dr. Cheney’s Theory of the Cause of Heart Failure in CFS – Check out this inquiry into how Dr. Cheney proposes heart failure is initiated in CFS and how it is stopped.

Part Three: Assessing Diastolic Heart Failure – Check out this overview of what diastolic heart failure is, how it is diagnosed and what some of the treatments for it are.

Part Four: Free Radicals and the Heart – Free radicals play a critical role in heart disease and heart failure. These technical papers examine the effects superoxide, nitric oxide, peroxynitrite and antioxidants have on the heart.

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