Glutathione and the Methylation Cycle by Rich Van Konynenburg Ph.D.

Rich Van Konynenburg proposed that methylation blockades played a key role in chronic fatigue syndrome and autism and created a popular treatment protocol for ME/CFS

Rich Van Konynenburg, Ph.D., an independent researcher, believed that glutathione depletion causes many of the problems in ME/CFS. The master anti-oxidant in the body, glutathione also plays a role in amino acid transport, protein synthesis, the cell cycle and immune cell proliferation.

These papers by Rich Van Konynenburg examine ways to enhance glutathione, detoxification and energy production in ME/CFS.

Rich died unexpectedly in his sleep on Sept 25th, 2012. A tribute to him, which explains the background to, and development of his work, appears here.

Treatment papers

Rich’s 2001 talk in Sweden on ME/CFS

Theory papers

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