$250 000 dollar for P.A.N.D.O.R.A. NEW SHORTER VIDEO, NEW CAMPAIGN.

June 15, 2010

Posted by Cort Johnson

By simply voting, P.A.N.D.O.R.A. can win up to $250 000 and Pandora can use it – they want to create WPI-like Neuroendocrineimmune Treatment/Research/Educational Center in New Jersey (and then in Florida). Watch the instructional video in full size by clicking on read more:

PANDORA is in the top 200 and wins $20 000 at this point in time. (7-20)

Simple steps
1)Log-on to your facebook account
2)Search for ‘Chase Community giving’ (product/service)
3)Click on the ‘Like’ button
4) You can go to the search charity box on the page and search for Patient alliance … (you’ll find P.A.N.D.O.R.A.)
5)Click Let’s get started to vote (green button); Give permission! (to the Chase application)
6)Click vote
7)You can vote up to the 13th of july (you have 20 votes in total)


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