Joke COMPETITION now running (Set up by Yours Truly)

Posted by Cort Johnson

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Written by Victoria

(I suspect you are all feeling a little disgruntled, fed up with Chronic illness & pain, & need a good laugh)

I am starting a competition.

Whoever posts the funniest Joke of the Month of June, wins the $50 credit sitting in my PayPal account (they gave me $50 for completing a survey – mind you I don’t remember doing anything much on a survey – I think I just answered a couple of questions on if I was happy with the first transaction of my new Paypal account).

But it’s got to be a real belly-aching, roll-around-the-floor joke, NOT a vague-hint-of-a-smile joke.

Secondly, you have to tell me how to transfer that $50 to you (as I haven’t used my PayPal account for so long, I’ve forgotten how to transfer money :Retro biggrin:).

You have until the 30th June to post it.

(I suppose you’re all going to do a Google Search now on The Funniest Joke of all Time).

Warning: The Funniest Joke on Google may not make me laugh, Folks!

You have to tickle MY funnybone – no one else’s.

(I get to be the Judge as it’s my $50 you win). But having said that, I am open to bribery & corruption!

PS And you can’t bribe me with virtual chocolate biscuits – I am on a diet (since I last ate a whole packet of chocolate mint slice biscuits in one sitting).

PPS If the winner doesn’t have a PayPal account, I’m happy to order an overseas draft & post it AIRMAIL to you.

PPPS. And of course, if the Aussie dollar’s value falls, you could do quite well out of this. If I order an overseas draft, I will have it drawn in the currency of your Country (assuming it’s a common currency which is available for me to order).

PPPPPSSS Could someone please move the jokes from Liverock’s answer down, to the thread that someone started for this competition. Sorry, but I get dizzy jumping from one thread to another & my laughter button gets tangled up.

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