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Just fours days after the editors of Science took it upon themselves to retract the 2008 Science paper, Lo/Alter, the authors of the FDA study at one time championed as proof that a family of XMRV-like viruses was present in ME/CFS, have retracted their PNAS findings as well.

In their conclusion to be published next week  they stated

 Although a more definitive, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID)–sponsored, coded panel of samples from 150 well-characterized and geographically diverse CFS patients and controls is being assembled for further study, in consideration of the aggregate data from our own laboratory and that of others, it is our current view that the association of murine gamma retroviruses with CFS has not withstood the test of time or of independent verification and that this association is now tenuous.

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(My apologies! (Another CFS moment…) The last blog contained a draft on the first story – not the completed version.  Thanks for your patience….)

When it rains it pours. Events regarding XMRV, Dr. Mikovits and the WPI have come hot and heavy during the last week.

WPI’s Civil Lawsuit Against Dr. Mikovits - First some background.  Dr. Mikovits was terminated from the WPI in late Sept for refusing to share a cell line with Dr. Lombardi. According to spokesperson from the WPI’s legal team Dr. Mikovits was terminated not because she refused to share her cell line with Dr.… Read More


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Welcome to the first Phoenix Rising newsletter with our new newsletter  using the new Amazon ‘Simple’ Mail Service!

CROI! — XMRV showed up in spades in the first major Retrovirology conference of the year, CROI (Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections), occurring in Boston. The big news came from a study which suggested XMRV may have been inadvertently created in a Cleveland, Ohio lab between 1993 and 1996. That was a blow but the theory rests on a couple of studies that have not been replicated and none of the researchers who’ve found XMRV (including Dr. Mikovits, Dr.… Read More

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A New Center - Much research and discussion now is not centered around XMRV but around a prostate cancer cell line called 22RV1. More than anything else this cell line that is what is causing problems for XMRV.

The 22RV1 cell line was created in 1999 in response to a need to study prostate cancer – a major cause of male mortality. Creating the cell line involved ‘passaging’ prostate cancer cells through nude mice tissues. At some point researchers were able to create a ‘cell-line’, a group of cells they could use to reliably grow prostate cancer cells and study them.… Read More

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March 6th

  • The
    WPI’s response to CROI

    “It is interesting that infectious XMRV is
    still found only in human cells and not in mouse cells or mice. In addition,
    these data have little to say about XMRV infection in humans.” In an email Dr.
    Mikovits stated “There is still not one piece of evidence of contamination in
    the Science paper. All of the authors stand by the conclusions and data in
    Lombardi et al”.

    Deckoff-Jones Talks
    – Dr. Mikovits was too busy to do an interview
    but Dr. Deckoff-Jones got her two cents in her personal blog.

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Dr. Nancy Klimas on Her New Clinic, Pathogens and XMRV s(1/10)

Why did you decide to open up a new clinic? You already appear to be one of the busiest persons in the chronic fatigue syndrome world. You were the President of the IACFS/ME, you’re on the CFSAC committee, you’re a CFS and Gulf War Illness (GWI) researcher, you have your own medical practice, you treat AIDS patients as well. Why not only a new clinic but possibly a nationwide series of clinics? Well, I have done one of those “step back and see where you can do the most good” inventories, and decided to let go of much of my HIV work, to make room for the CFS/ME and GWI work.

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