Rate A Practitioner Program

PractitionersW2A Glaring Need

Mary has seen 6 practitioners, Joe has seen 10 and both have spent more time and money than they could have imagined simply trying finding someone who understands their illness…and now they’re sicker than ever. Studies have shown that early treatment does make a difference but low diagnosis rates and rampant ignorance in the medical community means  few patients able to find good doctors early.

This program will help change that. Not only will you be able to find the best doctors in your area but you’ll be able to steer away from the bad ones.

A Simple Fix

What if, with one click on a map, patients could see which doctors in their area were

  • The most effective
  • Had the most experience
  • Fit their budgets
  • Were most likely to help their kind of chronic fatigue syndrome

Think of the precious time, money and most importantly of all, health, they could have saved. This program will not only determine which practitioners are most effective but

  • which types of practitioners are the most effective
  • how important experience is in treating this illness
  • who gives patients the most bang for their buck

This is no ordinary doctor review program. The Rate A Practitioner program will look at how effective practitioners ranging from acupuncturists to neurologists to general practitioners are at treating fatigue, sleep, pain and orthostatic intolerance as well as ME/CFS in general.  We’ll ask about the breadth of treatments available, how efficient the office is, how available the physicians are, how expensive they are and more. This is the most comprehensive doctor review program on the internet and its aimed straight at people with chronic fatigue syndrome.

Phoenix Rising’s Rate a Practitioner program in concert with its Community Rising Google Maps program will give you quick and easy access to the information you to make informed choices for yourselves and your loved ones. No more casting about blindly for help; let Phoenix Rising and the ME/CFS community help you decide.

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