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Posted by Cort Johnson

Jorgen Jelstad Norwegian Journalist Covering ME/CFS

Norwegian journalist Jorgen Jelstad has been all over the Rituximab story. His Invest in ME Conference tweets updated us on recent events, in his “How Important is Rituximab?” blog he talked with researchers about Rituximab’s potential and in his  recently blog, “The Drug”, he published a blow-by-blow account of how Rituximab grew to such prominence in the ME/CFS universe.  Thanks for allowing Phoenix Rising to publish the story..Here we give a synopsis of the story and of Jorgen’s recent interview with Dr’s. Mella and Fluge. 

It turns out that it all began almost 10 years when Anne Katrine, a CFS patient with leukemia, walked into Dr.Read More


Posted by Cort Johnson

Is chronic fatigue syndrome an autoimmune disorder? Could chronic fatigue syndrome be an autoimmune disorder? The Fluge/Mella Rituximab study was effective in at least temporarily reducing the symptoms of about 60% of the chronic fatigue syndrome patients in the study – a fact that no doubt shocked many who considered CFS purely a neuropsychiatric disorder.

Rituximab started out as a chemotherapy drug but is now being used effectively in a variety of autoimmune disorders and is being studied in even more. Could Rituximab’s success mean that a large portion of the ME/CFS community actually suffers from an autoimmune disorder?The Fluge/Mella team suggested so, stating their results indicated

“CFS may be an autoimmune disease, often preceded by an infection, and targeting specific parts of the nervous system”

Autoimmune Disorders and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Short Review

An autoimmune disorder occurs when the immune system mistakes human cells for intruders and begins attacking them.

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Posted by Cort Johnson

It doesn’t always take a village; sometimes it just takes a committed few to possibly change the future of a disorder; in this case, it may come down to just thirty patients and two researchers in Norway. The news that 2/3rds of CFS patients taking a chemotherapy drug called Rituximab significantly improved in a rigorous, double-blinded placebo controlled trial swept the CFS community immediately and then medical websites.
Rituximab has been a kind of underground hope that’s slowly been getting stronger and stronger over time. Reports suggesting that Rituximab was helping, sometimes REALLY helping, in a small group of patients, began filtering out of Norway about a year and a half ago and Dr.… Read More