Shopping for Phoenix Rising

Shopping! The easy way to support Phoenix Rising as it becomes a non-profit and
begins taking on some large projects. Every time you use Phoenix Rising to
purchase something on  these stores Phoenix Rising will receive a
return on your purchase. – All your purchases will take place on a special
Phoenix Rising section of the Amazon site using Amazon’s secure technology.
Phoenix Rising receives a 4-8% return on your purchase. Your
purchases are private as well; Phoenix Rising only receives notice that such and
such a product was purchased in the store – not who bought it.

PR’s US Store

IGive –  Shop or search on IGive to support Phoenix Rising. IGive has
over 750 stores on their shopping mall you can choose from plus every search you
using IGive gives a penny to Phoenix Rising. (Believe me – it adds up). Install
the IGive Toolbar to shop and search on the internet and help Phoenix Rising out
at the same time Click
here to go to Phoenix Rising’s IGive page and sign up for IGive. Thanks.

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