Chase Community Giving

Chase Community Contest

Chase Community Giving
The Chase Community Giving Contest Running from Sept 6th-19th gives ME/CFS non-profits the chance to win from 10-20K

Some History

2011 – Three ME/CFS non-profits; the IACFS/ME,  the ME/CFS KnowledgeCenter and the Mass CFIDS Association won 20k in a contest that matched smaller non-profits against each other.  

2010 – PANDORA wins in a contest in which all the non-profits, small and large, were lumped together…as is occurring this year. 

Chase Rules – Simplified :)

Potential Winnings 

  • @$500 – Simply by accepting the nomination and providing Chase with suitable documents –  each non-profit will win maybe $500 ($2.5 million/# of charities in the contest).
  • $10,000 – bottom 100 charities – based on past history this is where ME/CFS organizations can hope to place.
  • $20,000 – next 50
  • $50, 000 – next 35
  • $100,000 – next 10
  • $250,000 – top vote getter

Once an organization enters and win the contest it cannot enter again; if it enters and lose it can enter the contest next year (provided there is a contest).

Two Different Types of Voters..

  • Chase Customers – This year Chase customers without a Facebook account can vote on……for two organizations…
  • Facebook – anyone on Facebook who ‘allows access’ to the Chase Giving Application will get two votes for two organizations..Facebook users vote here Plus Facebook users can earn a bonus vote
  • Chase Customers and Facebook Users – can vote a maximum of five times; three for one organization….

The Big ‘Bonus Vote’ 

The Bonus Vote could make the difference in Chase for Phoenix Rising because getting one is fairly complicated – which means that most groups probably won’t do it well – which means that if we master the Bonus vote strategy our chances of winning go up dramatically. The Bonus vote potentially is a third of the entire vote. 

  1. Facebook users can earn one (1) bonus vote by allowing “Access” and sharing any content from the Chase Community Giving application (ie Phoenix Rising’s Chase Profile page) to his/her Facebook newsfeed or timeline.
  2. Then if one of that Facebook users’ Facebook Friends links back to the Chase Community Giving Application and casts a vote, the original Facebook user will earn one (1) bonus vote err…

To get the vote – put Phoenix Rising or another group on your Timeline or Newsfeed and then have a friend vote for them on Facebook.

Each person gets one bonus vote maximum…People who get a bonus vote will be informed of that on their Facebook page.

Maximum Number of Votes for an ME/CFS Organization

  • 3 Votes – An organization could earn three votes from a person who is a Chase customer, who is on Facebook and who uses their bonus votes for them.
  • 2 Votes – An organization can earn two votes from someone on Facebook who votes for us and uses their bonus votes for them.
  • 1 Vote – An organization earns 1 vote from someone on Facebook or Chase who votes for them one time.
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