A Conversation for Possibility

Posted by Cort Johnson

What is really possible in ME/CFS? We are so embedded in what hasn’t happened, in our dark history – in what hasn’t happened or what did happen that shouldn’t have happened – that we hardly take time to think about the other side of the coin – what’s possible? If we were put aside our history for a moment and just look at the bare facts of this disorder and asked ourselves what is possible what would we find?

I think we would find promise…We would find millions of people in the most developed countries of the world without research or treatments. We

We could go down the list…the lousy name… the lack of research….the dull stares at the doctors office…. the CDC’s performance at Incline Village and with the first retrovirus and with the Empirical definition and with the sexual abuse studies…the entire medical system of the UK (and apparently the media as well) taken over a failed approach to ME/CFS….but

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