An East Coast WPI? Support the New Jersey NEID by Cort Johnson

Posted by Cort Johnson

1671 aCM.Marly Silverman and others at PANDORA and the Landford Foundation have big plans. She wants nothing less than to build the first NeuroEndocrineImmune Center for the research, treatment and education into diseases like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Gulf War Syndrome, multiple chemical sensitivity and others in New Jersey. (Think the WPI’s Neuro-Immune Institute with the ‘Endocrine’ added. – think a WPI on the east coast)

NEID is taking a multi-disease approach because it believes that “the discoveries and advances made in anyone of the NEID’s, will be applicable at beneficial to the other NEID’s, thereby bringing researchers closer to a cure”.

Pandora and the Landford Foundation have done their groundwork in New Jersey; they received backing from several New Jersey Assemblyman and the resolution authorizing the center got a unanimous yes vote from the New Jersey Assembly. New Jersey is behind it – now the job is to get funding for the project and that’s we come in. PANDORA is trying to get the Dept of Health and Human Service behind the project and desires a meeting with Secretary of Health Sibelius. They’re trying to get 100.000 signatures to demonstrate that they have the community behind them.

Let’s start a trend – two Neuro-immune- (Endocrine) Centers. Marly is nothing if not a big thinker. She’s talked to Annette Whittemore about creating these entities and she thinks she has a model that can work in other states as well, and, if this works to other states she will go.

Let’s create another foothold in the medical community – this time on the East Coast.

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