Go! Support the ME/CFS Community (Center) in the Citgo Refueling Contest

Posted by Cort Johnson

Dan Moricoli is proof that even individuals afflicted with a severe illness can make a difference. Hampered by an alarming case of ME/CFS that has stymied many doctors Dan has nevertheless produced a unique place for people with CFS to gather and learn. The CFS Knowledge and ME/CFS Community Centers now have the most extensive trove of ME/CFS video’s anywhere. With close ties to Dr. Klimas and other physicians in the South Florida area Dan has produced numerous video’s of her’s and others ideas on research and treatment. There’s no other resource like in the ME/CFS community and it deserves support and the help it needs to grow.

Every time I talk with Dan I am struck by his large vision of what patient support sites such as his can accomplish and I assure you that you’ve only seen the smallest part of it. I consider supporting Dan in his work as helping to support myself in my search for a better future.

Please support the ME/CFS Community in the Citgo Refueling contest. Five thousand dollars is chicken feed for larger non-profits but in small non-profits like Dan’s 5K can go a long way. Dan has already shown he can produce alot out of a little.

This contest is EASY. Simply click here to go to the Citgo website, then sign in with your email and vote – every day. Or when you come to the Phoenix Rising Forums look on the right hand side of the main Forum page for an Citgo CFSKnowledgeCenter image to click on.  Anyone, anywhere can vote. We have 14 days to go and the CFSKnowledgeCenter is within a stones throw of winning.

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