In or Out? Four Organizations on the Precipice in the Last Hours of the Chase Contest

Posted by Cort Johnson

We started out with seven CFS non-profits in the running for $175,000 in the Chase Community Giving Contest. We knew the contest was going to get really volatile in the last couple of days and it has with four organizations dropping like rocks.

With only 22 hours left in the contest only three organizations appear assured of taking home any money; the IACFS (AACFS), the CFSKnowledge Center and Mass CFIDS.

Rocky Mountain and Wisconsin have dropped precipitously and are in the last few hours have dropped out of the top 100 (and the $25,000 prize). The fine New Jersey CFS Association which has done so much over the years is now off the leaderboard as is the exciting Enterovirus Foundation devoted to studying what may be a key culprit in CFS.

We can turn this around. Each of these organizations is agonizing close to winning with just a few votes separating them from those in the top 100. A similar situation happened last year with PANDORA and we managed to turn it around and get them in the winnings. Pandora then funded a researcher who ultimately was able to get millions of dollars in NIH grants.

This is worth taking your time to do.

We have less than 20 hours to do get these non-profits some money. If you haven’t already, please vote and ask for your friends to vote for the following organizations at the following links.

If you haven’t voted yet, first “like’ Chase Community Giving on Facebook and then start voting.  You have 10 votes and can vote for each organization once. (For more information see the last link on this page).

OUR MAJOR FOCUS – At the Tipping Point

  • Rocky Mountain (RMCFA) – – #102
  • Wisconsin CFIDS – #104
  • New Jersey CFS Association – – >106
  • Enterovirus Foundation – – > 110

Appear Solid – But ALL are Sliding – Vote for These as well

  • IACFS/ME (AACFS) – #32
  • CFSKnowledgeCenter – – #44
  • Mass CFIDS Association – – #58

Need Considerable Help

  • Connecticut CFIDS Foundation – – ->154
  • Chronic Fatigue Association of Georgia – – ->171

To find out more on how to vote click here

(Thanks to Tom Kindlon for providing up to date figures)













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