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I have tried raising money by asking for it, and by not asking for it. I always got more by asking for it.”- Millard Full


ME Advocacy has been very busy implementing new projects and are seeking your continued support for their upcoming projects.

Thank you for your support of Because of your efforts, they have been able to get their PR project off the ground and have been busy implementing a wide range of projects outlined below.

We have seen in the past couple of weeks with the IOM roll out and subsequent media blitz just how important our image in the media is.

Some of the comments on articles have been extremely disturbing.  We need to combat this negative slant about our disease.  Please take the time to read the updates and continue your generous support for the next month’s projects.

Here is an update on the work of our PR firm from Crowds On Demand CEO, Adam Swart:

Goal #1: Press Coverage 

We have contacted dozens of heath reporters regarding the IOM meeting. We are currently pitching these outlets in regards to writing a human interest story discussing patients’ experiences, why the new name is problematic and why despite the fact that the IOM meeting was a good first step, adjustments are needed for it to become accepted by both the patient and medical communities.

Goal #2: Presence at Key Events

Picketers were present at the Opening Day of the new Congress in January. Moreover, we had a spokesperson speak on our behalf and deliver remarks and questions at the IOM Meeting on February 10th, 2015. A photograph of Wendy, our spokesperson, entering the meeting is at the top of this article. As well, you can see her ask two of our questions at about 47 minutes into the IOM meeting video.

Goal #3: Lobbying Efforts

We are planning a Day of Action in mid-March to capitalize on the IOM report which will include demonstrators around the Capitol office buildings and lobby visits with members of Congress.

Goal #4: Increased Awareness

The media coverage we received is complemented by radio ads running in markets across the United States highlighting the severity of the condition and the need for a comprehensive solution. In the aftermath of the IOM report, these ads will focus more on the need to research a cure, and for more substantive action on the issue.

Goal #5: Going-Forward List of Patient Demands

We are putting together a list of five demands for dealing with the disease going forward again capitalizing on the IOM Report. Those include among others, substantial funding to research a cure. This list of demands will be widely circulated to members of the media and posted on strategic blogs.
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We are fundraising as we go along, so if you want this campaign to continue past February, we need your donations now! Our goal is an additional $4100 for a total of $15,000 on the leaderboard by February 27, 2015.

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