Olympic Champion Supports ME/CFS

Posted by Cort Johnson

Dan Moricoli is doing some great stuff at the ME/CFS Community Center. (Look at the Scientific Committee members!) Check out this video of an Olympic Champion espousing the need for more support.

Olympic Champion Laura Kraut on ME/CFS and the ME/CFS Pocket Money Research Fund.

The ME/CFS Champions Campaign seeks to raise public awareness of ME/CFS, a disease more prevalent than breast cancer, as well as raise money for much needed research. The money raised by the fund will be distributed within set guidelines by the Scientific Committee.

The Scientific Committee members consist of some of the leading ME/CFS researchers in the world. The members are: Lucinda Bateman, M.D., Derek Enlander, M.D., John Gow, Ph.D., Jonathan Kerr, M.D. & Ph.D. and Nancy Klimas, M.D.

Won’t you please take a moment, right now, and donate even just the pocket money you have on hand right now? Every little bit is of vital importance to research so desperately needed by so many around the world.

(For PayPal donations from outside the United States, please enter the amount first, then the country, for proper addressing.)

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