ME/CFS Buzz: News of the Week From Phoenix Rising (Feb 29th, 2012)

Posted by Cort Johnson ME/CFS Buzz: News of the Week – a New Feature From Phoenix Rising (weekly short takes on ME/CFS research, treatment and news)   RESEARCH   Fear and Loathing….An Exercise Study  Kinesiophobia, catastrophizing and anticipated symptoms before stair climbing in chronic fatigue syndrome: an experimental study.Nijs J, Meeus M, Heins M, Knoop H, Moorkens G, Bleijenberg G. Nijs


XMRV Buzz! The CFS/XMRV News Page

Posted by Cort Johnson March 6th The WPI’s response to CROI was “It is interesting that infectious XMRV is still found only in human cells and not in mouse cells or mice. In addition, these data have little to say about XMRV infection in humans.” In an email Dr. Mikovits stated “There is still not one piece of evidence of