The 20 Years Ago Today Series: ME/CFS Video’s Come of Age

Posted by Cort Johnson

20thAnniversary CFS InternaThere’s nothing like a video to arouse passion. ME/CFS videos really came of age  five years ago with the publication of Sleepydust’s ME/Chronic Fatigue video. That video, still her only one, has garnered over 130,000 views – far outpacing any others.

To celebrate 20 years since CFS International Awareness Day was created, here are the top 15 or so most watched CFS English speaking  video’. Some of the best are the latest, check out, for instance, GettingWellFromME’s recent series, with its fine production values.  At the end we have a video made for the anniversary today.

SleepyDust’s ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Video

5 years130,000 views – Sleepydust’s only video captures ME/CFS like none other.

My life with CFS – 5 years – 86,000 views – simple, grainy, personable video from patient gets  the disorder across in disarming fashion – –  (she has done 145  video’s)

Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue/ME and Fibromyalgia Explained — 5 years – 75,000 views – Dr. David Mickel  states he believe CFS is caused by overdrive of the hypothalamus –

CFS/ME CDC “Missing My Life” – 5 years – 47,000 views – brief 30 sec video on ‘Missing my life”  –

A Short CFS Documentary – 6 years – 34,000 views – short documentary on UK girl with severe ME/CFS –

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Clinical Nutrition – 5 years 32,000 views – Dr. Bellonzi talks on nutritional ways to fight chronic fatigue syndrome –

CFS/ME – The Torturous Disease

3 years- 27, 000 views –  professionally done, inspiring video with striking soundtrack including media out-takes on Sophia Mirza and a shot of Ricky Gervais trashing the disease.


How Does Myalgic Encepthalomyelitis Effect My Life–  5 years – 27,000 views –  AHummingbirdsGuide talks about how ME effects her life in simple video –

Laurels 2009 CFS Testimony to the Federal Advisory Committee for CFS (CFSAC)

3 years – 15,300 views  – Laurel’s sister charts the progress of a devastating course of ME/CFS in magna cum laude graduate from Tufts in vivid pictures

What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? 4 years – 22,000 views – Dr Jacob Teitelbaum’s TV interview  on the cause and treatment of CFS.

Facts About CFS – 4 years – 17,000 views – foggygirls short,  visually evocative  video with soundtrack focuses on’ Facts About CFS’ –

Stanford Researcher and Physician Dr. Jose Montoya on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

1 year – 15,600 views – forceful, compassionate overview from Stanford researcher/physician attracts many viewers in one year

GettingWellFromME – 1 year – 14,000 views – GettingWellFrom ME –  shows strong  video skills to creates a striking compilation of ME patients explaining CFS. – (has done 25 video’s)

GettingWellFromME –  1 year – 13,000 views – What’s it like to have ME? GetWellFromME  talks about having ME in another video from his series  (has done 25 video’s)

Finally  – the Newest Video

Check out this video made for the 20th anniversary of Internation ME Awareness Day by brightredpoppy – touching and beautifully done exemplifies the high quality video’s ME/CFS patients are producing…

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