The Time is NOW For PANDORA

Posted by Cort Johnson

PANDORA has been engaged in a month long contest on Facebook by Chase Community Giving. The top 200 charities will win $20,000 – an enormous amount of money for a CFS non-profit. As of 3 days ago PANDORA was at a solid 104th place. Now, with 21 hours to go, because of a last minute rush by other groups, PANDORA has sunk to 165th place. At this rate they will lose the contest on the last day and no CFS groups will take share in the winnings.

PANDORA has big plans – including a Neuroendocrineimmune Treatment Center – that can benefit us all. They are a strong force for change in the ME/CFS Community. Let’s show that we as a Community can make this happen – that we can band together and support them and us and bring this home for one of the hardest working ME/CFS groups in the county. All it takes is voting on Facebook.

You can find instructions how to do this here:

Check out Marly’s latest blog on PANDORA and the contest.

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